• Our Lady of Victory Catholic School
    Elementary (Grade K - 5) Girl School Uniform Requirements

    New uniform pieces that do not have the logo and meet the OLVCS uniform requirements may be purchased at the vendor of the parent's choice. However, items with the logo must be purchased from Lands' End, OLVCS K-8 School Code: 900074790.

    For more information about the OLVCS uniform requirements, parents and students are encouraged to consult the OLVCS Parent/Student Handbook or contact the school office.

    Daily/Mass Day Uniform


    • White Polo Shirt; long or short sleeves (logo optional)
    • Light Blue Polo Shirt; long or short sleeves (logo required)
    • White Turtleneck (logo optional)
    • White Broad Cloth Blouse (no logo)


    • Plaid Shift Style Jumper (Grades K-5)
    • Plaid Box Pleat Skirt (Grades 4-5 only)
    • Navy Walking/Chino Shorts
    • Navy Chino Skort
    • Navy Chino Slacks
    • Navy Bike Shorts (worn under skirts)


    • Navy V-Neck Drifter Pull-over Sweater (logo optional)
    • Navy V-Neck or Crew Drifter Cardigan Sweater (logo optional)
    • Navy V-Neck Drifter Sweater Vest (logo optional)
    • Navy Crew Sweatshirt (logo required)
    • Navy Pull-Over, Half-zip Fleece (logo required)


    • Sneakers/athletic shoes
    • Brown/black/neutral color flats or "Mary Janes"
    • Rubber soled shoes, preferred


    • Socks
      • Solid navy or white
      • Knee, crew or ankle length
      • NOTE: "No show" length socks are not acceptable 

    • Tights
      • Solid navy or white

    • Leggings
      • Solid navy
      • Must reach ankle

    • Nylons/Stockings
      • Solid navy or skin tone (Grades 4 and 5, only)

    P.E. Uniform

    Elementary students do not have a PE uniform but must wear sneakers/athletic shoes to participate.