The views at Gettysburg will never be forgotten!

There's just so much to learn and do!!

  • 5th grade is a special time for children as they ready themselves for the challenges of middle school.  Both sections of 5th grade work together to plan challenging, age appropriate projects and experiences that enrich our classroom learning.  

    At the beginning of the school year, classroom routines and procedures are taught and practiced, in order to ensure that the school year proceeds in a sound and organized manner.  Organization is a point of emphasis, and organizational procedures are taught and reinforced heavily not only in the fall, but throughout the year as well.  In 5B, graded student work comes home Friday afternoon, once students have reflected upon their achievement that week.   

     A hallmark event of the fall, along with OLV Day, is our trip to Fort Roberdeau in Altoona.  Tucked in beautiful Sinking Valley, Fort Roberdeau provides our students with a full day of hands-on learning, as well as the chance to see and experience life through the eyes of a person living at the time of the Revolutionary War.  OLV Day is a special celebration of our patron, Our Lady of Victory, as well as a day of service and celebration.  

    The Christmas season is very special to us here at Our Lady of Victory.  5th graders enjoy a special breakfast the morning of the last day before break, as well as a legendary gift exchange.  This is a traditon we enjoy year after year.  

    5th graders learn basic economics and put that knowledge into practice with Mini-Society, an experience usually reserved for the cold month of January.  We encourage an entrepreneurial spirit as we create, build, market and then "sell" a product to our 4th grade buddies.  This is such a fun event that even our teachers come to "shop".  Start watching "Shark Tank" now!!

    Gettysburg National Military Park has a wonderful program called the "Traveling Trunk."  We receive a large trunk of all sorts of amazing things, and spend an afternoon learning about the life of a Civil War soldier.  It's hard to know when this program occurs, as we are assigned a date by lottery.  Regardless, we love this experience whenever it happens to occur!

    As part of our Lenten Journey, we set aside a lunch period to participate in what we call Lenten Luncheon.  Students and their families volunteer, prepare, and bring to school meatless recipes from the Catholic Relief Services website.  Our lunch money for the day is donated and we eat a meatless lunch that day in solidarity with our Catholic brothers and sisters around the world.  

    The spring brings our much anticipated trip to Gettysburg National Military Park.  Our final chapter in Social Studies centers on the Civil War and Reconstruction, and this trip brings our understanding full circle!  We usually begin the morning with a guided tour of the battlefield, and the afternoon is always full of adventure.  Parents, teachers, and students love this trip, and we always come home with a renewed respect for our veterans and love for our country.  

    As you can see, 5th grade presents a wide variety of activities, experiences, and learning for your child.  We're so excited to be a part of it!!