• Welcome to Mrs. Rokita's Classes 


    Welcome Back!
    Tuesday, September 26, 2023 



    Welcome to Mrs. Rokita's class at OLVCS Middle School!  I am excited to work with all of you this school year.  Below you will find some important links that you may need throughout the school year.   Please use the Schoology link below to access infomration for all of your classes.  This year I will be teaching Religion (to my homeroom), 6 Course 1 Math, 7 Course 2 Math, 8 Pre-Algebra, and 8 Geometry.  All of my homework will be displayed in Schoology.  You must use the login we gave to students the first week of school in order to access your work for my class (and other classes as well).   

    If you have any questions throughout the school year please feel free to email me at rokitaj@olvcs.org.  



    Important Websites


    (The picture under each is the link)

    Schoology:  Allows you to see assignments and access materials if you are in-person school or remote school.  Access information for each student and each parent was given the first week of school.

     Schoology Link



    PowerSchool:  Allows you to track grades and assignments (access for each student and each parent)

     PowerSchool Link


    ixl.com: Used for weekly Math class practice.  Each class is required to complete at least 30 minutes of appropriate practice each week (Monday - Sunday) by Sunday at midnight.  Each student has their own userid and password.  Check your weekly time using the "This Week" date range.

    IXL Link


    connected.mcgraw-hill.com:  The website containing our Math books.  Each student should have their own userid and password.  This website contains extra practice for each section as well as access to an online textbook for the class.

    McGraw-Hill Login Link