• Our Lady of Victory Catholic School
    Learning Support Program

    The Our Lady of Victory Catholic School Learning Support Program offers learning support services to OLVCS students with a range of challenges who are able to succeed in a regular classroom with the accommodations available at our school. 

    Please know that while we wish to offer a Catholic Education to all students, OLVCS does not have the resources to offer Special Education Services to its students.  Therefore, students in Learning Support need to be able to successfully complete grade level work with accommodations and support from the Learning Support Staff. The OLVCS administration reserves the right to determine the availability of Learning Support Services for all OLVCS students.

    Who May Be Eligible?

    • New or current OLVCS students who have an IEP or 504 plan from a public school that identifies him/her as needing learning support.

    • New or current OLVCS students who have been evaluated by their public school of residence and have been identified as needing small group or 1:1 services throughout the week.

    • Currently enrolled OLVCS students who have been identified as needing minor learning support accommodations.

    How Do I Know If My Student Needs Learning Support?
    The first step for parents with concerns about their student’s learning is to consult their student’s OLVCS teacher. A student with minor learning challenges may have his/her needs met by teacher-initiated adaptations in the classroom and/or informal interventions with the OLVCS Learning Support teacher.  

    If a student seems to have a greater need for intervention, the OLVCS teacher and parent can work together to gather documentation for a formal evaluation.  The documentation will be forwarded to an evaluating institution (e.g. CIU #10 or the student’s public school district’s professional) for review.  This institution may schedule formal testing, observations, and/or other evaluations to best understand the needs of the student and how these needs may be addressed.  OLVCS does not offer formal testing for students with learning concerns.

    A report will be created by the evaluating institution and shared with OLVCS.  The OLVCS principal, in conjunction with the student’s teacher(s) and the OLVCS Learning Support teacher, will make a determination if the student’s needs can be accommodated in our school.  If so, an OLVCS Learning Plan will be created and implemented as appropriate. 

    What does Learning Support look like at OLVCS?
    All OLVCS students who receive learning support at school spend the majority of their day in the general classroom setting, receiving modifications where they are needed.  The OLVCS Learning Support teacher assists students with mastery of meeting benchmark assessment goals through progress monitoring and successfully mastering grade-level subject content through one-on-one support, small group meetings and in-classroom support. The goal of the Learning Support Program is to help enrolled students gain the skills and confidence they need to participate and succeed in the regular classroom.

    At OLVCS, the Learning Support Program teacher also works in conjunction with Central Intermediate Unit #10 and Title 1 personnel to provide learning support services to meet both the educational and social needs of OLVCS students.  Central Intermediate Unit Act 89 services provide support for students who need a 'boost' beyond the classroom; remedial reading, remedial math, occupational therapy, counseling and equitable participation.

    Some students may qualify for Title 1 reading support through the student's home school district.  For a student to receive Act 89 or Title 1 services, he/she must be recommended for services by his/her teacher or parent.  Following this, representatives of the Act 89 or Title 1 program review documentation about the student, as well as conduct formal testing to determine if the student is eligible for program services.  CIU #10 teachers provide Act 89 services to students.  Title 1 services are provided through the student’s home school district.

    Need more information?
    For more information about OLVCS’s Learning Support Program, contact the OLVCS principal.