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Lenten Luncheon and Tea

Lenten Luncheon

Lenten Luncheon

This Lenten season the children have been learning about other children and families who are struggling to eat each day.  As a culmination of our lessons, 2A had a Lenten Luncheon consisting of meat-less items. Students donated their lunch money to the Rice Bowl.  For more photos of 2A's Lenten Luncheon, go to the Mrs. Venturino's classroom site.  

Both 5th Grade classes also had Lenten Luncheon's and students also donated their lunch money for the day.


2B Lenten Tea Lenten Tea

2B also learned about the importance of praying, fasting, and almsgiving during the Lenten season.  As a culmination of their studies, the class had a Lenten Tea.  Food and drinks for this event were symbolic for the season of Lent. The student also collected and donated money to the CRS Rice Bowl.